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Quality Black Leather Scented Candles

I began making scented candles over 5 years ago in my kitchen between the pot roasts and the pasta.  Since that time, I have moved my candle making into a studio.  While I still produce quality scented candles, I have concentrated my efforts into making the best black leather scented candle I can.  They not only look and smell fantastic but burn well also.  Even unlit, my candles emit the strong scent of leather many of us know and love. 

If you examine my candles, you will find that they are solid black all the way through – something you rarely find commercially.  Even some well-known candle companies dip gray candles  in a black outer coating to achieve the jet black color.  This is the most difficult of all colors for candles as the black pigments and dyes tend to “clog” the wick, and that inhibits proper burning.  It took me weeks of testing to formulate recipes for each type of candle pour which would result in a candle that burned well, was black throughout and contained the most amount of scent possible.  Now, each batch results in a product that I am proud to call LuminesScents.

Hawkwing Designs Distributor of LuminesScents Candles,

P.O. Box 425
Nassau, New York 12123

E-mail: Candles@luminesscentscandles.com

Member of the International Guild of Candle Artisans  (IGCA)

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